compounded troches


Ways of taking Bioidentical Hormones

There are many ways to take bioidentical hormones.  Here we […]


Compounding for Dermatology

What are the benefits of compounded medication for dermatology?  Most […]


Histamine Intolerance or Seasonal Allergy?

What is Histamine Intolerance? Histamine is a chemical found naturally […]

a picture of the thyroid gland in the neck


Thyroid & Your Endocrine System

We discuss the role of the thyroid gland and some of the conditions that arise from its malfunction.

difference between progesterone and progestin


Progesterone vs Progestin. What’s the difference?

Learn about the role of progesterone in the female body and the differences between progesterone, as made by your body and progestin, a similar molecule used in some HRT medications.

Are you suffering from Zoom Face?


Zoom Face: what can you do?

Zoom Face: that feeling you get when you see yourself on video camera and start to notice all the slight imperfections in your appearance. Read on to find out those ingredients that will help you to improve your skin.

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