Our Prescription Service

Our Independent Pharmacist Prescriber will prescribe thyroid medication, low-dose naltrexone and hair loss preparations as well as medications to resolve gut issues and restore general health. We can refer you to specialists if our prescriber cannot help.

Access the medications that you need

A 10-minute telephone or video consultation with our prescriber will help us to understand your needs, your medical history and identify any risk factors. Any supporting documentation you can provide, such as blood or other diagnostic test results or previous prescriptions would be helpful. If required, a prescription will be written and given to Roseway Labs to fulfil.

Please note that we will not prescribe opiates, sedatives, laxatives, pregabalin, gabapentin or any other controlled drugs.

A prescribing service to help you access the medications that are right for you

Our prescriber is highly experienced in prescribing for the NHS and has worked in community pharmacies.  She is a leader in her field and a very safe pair of hands to guide you towards an appropriate medication for your needs.


We offer licensed medications as well as imported products such as Armour, Erfa Thyroid, Tirosint, Synthroid, Thybon Henning, and Novothyral. Compounded products can be offered to patients who have sensitivities to fillers.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Low-dose naltrexone is compounded to order in either a suspension or a capsule. Dosage strengths are usually between 0.5mg and 4.5mg.

Hair loss

Tonics or foams can include minoxidil, finasteride, and latanoprost along with many other enhancing ingredients to stimulate hair growth.

Gut Health

Resistant infections can be addressed using medications such as rifaximin, neomycin, metronidazole and many fungus, parasite and worm treatments.

How to order

Book your 10-minute consultation online

Book a 10-minute phone consultation with our independent prescriber through our calendar and pay the consultation fee of £30.

Speak with our independent prescriber

During your 10-min consultation, our independent prescriber will take the time to understand more about your situation and any risk factors in your medical history.

Order your medication

If required, a prescription will be electronically sent to Roseway Labs and you will be able to order the prescribed medication.

Receive your medication

We dispense your medication within one to five working days of receiving your payment and send most mail using an overnight courier but offer a range of delivery options that are right for you.


“Excellent experience with Roseway Labs. They’re helpful, great with communication and delivery was fast. Would recommend to those looking for compounded or custom-dose medication.”

Sarah McMillan

“Outstanding customer service. These guys really go above and beyond to help. Fantastic!”

Sally Gonzales

To discuss your medication requirements, book a consultation with our Independent Pharmacist Prescriber



Akila Dungarwalla , Independent Pharmacist Prescriber, is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council with registration number 2063173.   Expert in her field, Akila will assess your needs and help you to manage your condition.  Check her registration status here.