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Statera - Get the support you need for your weight management journey

Statera and Statera Insight will help you build strong health foundations and habits for mind and body with our unique 16-week subscription programme.


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We know weight loss and management can be challenging.

You might have tried all sorts of diets and medications. It can be disheartening if you don’t get the effects that you want.


Some of the reasons you might have struggled to meet your weight loss goals include:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Ongoing Inflammation

Gut dysfunction

Lack of proper hydration

Statera (Latin for ‘balance’), was created with this in mind: to help you build the foundations of a healthy life and bring your body back into balance.

There are 5 pillars linked to a healthy lifestyle and weight management:

• Good nutrition

• Hydration

• Activity

• Mental health

• Sleep

Read our post to discover the importance of the 5 pillars of weight management and see if they can help you.

If you are looking for extra support, or an approach that can be complementary to your current weight management programme, Statera is for you.

If you are taking weight loss medications, you may find that our approach will help you to meet your goals and mitigate some of the side effects.


Statera (Latin for ‘balance’), was created with this in mind: to help you build the foundations of a healthy life and bring your body back into balance.


A unique blend of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients and natural extracts

Anti-inflammatory fatty acids

Probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut support

Air Up water bottle (or other merchanise!!)

Fortnightly motivational and actionable hints and tips


Building on the foundation of Statera, our  Statera Insight package, launching in January 2023 will give you all the support you need for your weight goals.

To support your weight loss journey, our Statera Insight programme will take you through our 5 Pillars approach to weight loss:

• Nutrition

• Movement

• Hydration

• Sleep

• Mind


Are you interested in health coaching to complement the benefits of Statera?

Expert health coaching benefits include:

• Share and learn from others in group sessions

• Increase both your accountability and commitment

• Build a sense of community

• Find new ways to solve roadblocks that you encounter

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Many people struggle to lose weight or to keep their target weight. If this is you, it is not your fault. Too often those you go to for help can make you feel like you are to blame.

That isn’t how we work at Gut and Health. We’re with you throughout your journey.

Whether you need a little extra help or want extra support to make sure you get the most from other weight loss aids such as medication, Statera and Statera Insight have got you covered.

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gut and health

03330 504 030