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How will the prescriber contact me?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

If you are based in the UK and have provided a UK phone number, you will be called on this number at the appointed time.

If you are based overseas, you will receive an invitation to a Google Meet call.  Please check your email before the appointment and be ready on the call prior to its commencement.

Patients requesting hair loss treatments and in other situations that require a visual examination, Google Meet video conferencing will be used.

When will I receive the consultation form to complete?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

Instructions regarding the consultation form will be provided to you once your appointment is confirmed.

Do you ship medication internationally?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

Whilst we can ship medication internationally, many countries will refuse to let it through Customs.  Those that do often charge high fees before they will allow the parcel to be delivered to you.

Since Brexit, there are very few EU countries that allow personal medication, however, Ireland is regularly accepting it.

Please check with us before booking your appointment to ensure that we can deliver to your country.

Do I need to provide test results?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

To be prescribed thyroid medication, SIBO treatment or any other treatment for an infection, you would need to provide test results.  If you are looking to change your thyroid medication, your test results must be from the previous 3 months, otherwise, 6 months is accepted.

It would be useful to provide details of any previous medications to the prescriber.

If you have a prescription written by a non-UK prescriber, please send a copy of it when you return the consultation form.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  This means that if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of it being scheduled to take place, your consultation fee will not be refunded.  This is because it is unlikely that we will be able to fill the slot at that notice.

The cancellation policy also applies if you fail to turn up for your appointment or are more than 5 minutes late for it.  We hope you understand.

What conditions will you prescribe for?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

We prescribe for the following conditions:

  • Hypothyroidism, where recent blood tests are available
  • Infections of the gut or other microbiomes
  • Hair loss
  • Varied conditions that require low-dose naltrexone

We do not prescribe hormones, opioids or unusual treatments for serious diseases.



How do I submit my test results?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

You will be given full information about how to provide your test results once your appointment is confirmed.

What should I do if I’m running late?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

If you’re running late, please call our office on 03330 504030 and we will inform the prescriber.  Whilst we will always try to accommodate slight delays, due to the tight scheduling of the appointments if you are more than 5 minutes late, it may be necessary to rebook your appointment.  In these circumstances, we treat it as a cancellation and you would be required to rebook for another time and again pay the £30 consultation fee.


When should I receive my medication?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

Typically, you should receive your medication within two to three working days from when you paid for it.  Once the prescription has been created, you will receive an email requesting this payment.

Do you prescribe hormones?2021-04-25T21:45:09+01:00

We do not prescribe hormones because we are not in a position to actively monitor patients using hormone replacement therapies.

What will happen if the prescriber doesn’t call me on time?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

Firstly, do check your appointment details to confirm that you have the correct date and time – it does happen!  If all is well, please allow up to 15 minutes, in case our prescriber is running late.  If you still haven’t had any contact, please get in touch with us at or on 03330 504030.

What happens after the consultation?2021-04-25T21:45:10+01:00

After the consultation, the prescriber will create your prescription on our eRoseway prescribing portal, which prompts an email to be sent to you explaining the medication you have been prescribed and its cost.  The email will contain a link for you to make payment.  Once paid, your order is picked up by the pharmacy team and your medication is dispensed, ordered or sent for compounding, depending on what it contains.    It is then checked and released by a pharmacist before being dispatched.  Most of our deliveries are made within one working day, although there is some variability depending on where you live and the demand experienced by delivery networks at that time.  Overall, please allow 3-5 working days to receive your medication from the date of your consultation.

Please note that the prescriber can only create your prescription once they have received all relevant information, including your consultation form and any test results.

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