Working with us

We're committed to building relationships with prescribers and providing exceptional service with personalised patient solutions. As the UK’s leading specialist compounding pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your requirements.

What we offer

Exceptional service

The Roseway Labs team is committed to building relationships with our prescribers, responding to feedback, and providing exceptional service. 

We offer innovation, reliability and experience in compound pharmaceuticals.

We are able to create customised compound medications designed to meet the needs of prescribers and patients — so if you need a specific product, just ask. The team will work with you to source any new ingredients, medications and supplements you require. 


Personalised patient solutions

Our professional team is dedicated to sourcing the very latest evidence-led ingredients and developing, new and innovative products. They will work with you to create customised medications. 

When you prescribe compounded medicines, you can combine active ingredients, modify the mode of administration and alter the concentration to precisely tailor treatment to your patients’ needs.

Compounding with a personal touch

The Roseway Labs service is designed to be convenient and user-friendly.

All our prescribers have direct access to our specialist pharmacist team. They can advise on active ingredients, bases, medication strengths and what dosage forms will work best for your formulation. 

We have a range of options including capsules, lozenges, sublingual drops, rapid-dissolve tablets, gels, creams and foams, vaginal pessaries and suppositories and will support you to choose the best approach for your patient’s needs. 

Our professional team is approachable, knowledgeable and experienced in problem-solving. They are always happy to offer support and a helping hand to prescribers and patients with questions or challenges.

A comprehensive range of products

Roseway Labs is not just the UK’s leading specialist compounding pharmacy. We also offer a broad spectrum of licensed medicines, more unusual niches, imported unlicensed treatments, high-quality vitamins and supplements and diagnostic kits. 

It can be a hassle for your patients to search at different pharmacies to get all the items they need. It’s also time-consuming for prescribers to write several different prescriptions. 

Instead, think of Roseway Labs as your one-stop shop. Your patients can easily access all their medications, supplements, and diagnostic tests in one place.



Roseway Labs has developed an intuitive e-prescribing system — quick, efficient and truly paperless.

From adding your digital prescription to compounding any bespoke medications and then dispensing the treatments, the system is designed to be seamless, straightforward and stress-free.

The e-Roseway technology allows you to prescribe compounded medications, pre-packed medications, vitamins, supplements and diagnostic kits all on one prescription, rapidly and easily. The proprietary, end-to-end system ensures all items and ingredients are fully traceable — so that you can prescribe with confidence.


Subscription service

We provide a monthly subscription service for skin, scalp and hair treatments. Roseway Labs can dispense and deliver personalised compounded medications directly to your patient’s door. They will reliably receive their fresh formulation every 28 days, so that they never need to miss a dose.


Building your brand

The specialist pharmacist team can work with you to develop novel compounded formulations. We can package the treatments with branded labelling so that they stand out.

This personal approach can increase recognition, help develop your brand or clinic identity, and improve customer loyalty in a crowded and competitive marketplace.


Service and quality you can trust

The Roseway Labs team sources high-quality pharmaceuticals from reputable manufacturers and uses precision equipment to prepare our formulations.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers and distributors, helping us to fulfil your needs even when there are supply chain problems. We aim to dispense pre-packaged and licenced medications, supplements and diagnostic tests on the same working day.

We can usually create and dispense customised, compounded medications within two to three working days.

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