Sleep and insomnia

At Roseway Labs, we offer a range of products to improve sleep and insomnia.

Sleep and insomnia

Insomnia treatments aim to improve sleep quality, support healthy sleep-wake cycles, and promote restful sleep. Melatonin and magnesium glycinate are well-researched ingredients, with other micronutrients providing helpful support to relax the overactive mind.

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Personalised sleep medication

The Great Sleep Survey showed that more than half of people in the UK suffer from insomnia and sleep problems. Sleep disturbance can be distressing and impact a patient's physical and mental health. 

The treatment of sleep disorders often involves a multifactorial approach — including lifestyle measures, improving sleep hygiene, psychological techniques and medication.

Roseway Labs works with prescribers to create customised medications to address sleep disorders. When you compound medicines, you can combine active ingredients to precisely tailor treatment to your patients’ needs.

Benefits of compounded medications for sleep management

Roseway Labs sources the highest-quality ingredients from trusted manufacturers across the globe. We also offer diverse probiotic supplements designed to survive more effectively in the acidic stomach environment.

Some of our most popular active ingredients include:


We are committed to responding to our clients’ prescribing needs. Our specialist pharmacy team will work with you to develop new products and source any innovative ingredients, medications, test kits and supplements you need.

Melatonin and more

Melatonin is the body’s sleep hormone. The pineal gland secretes it when there is decreased light; it acts to trigger sleep, increase REM sleep and normalise the natural circadian rhythms.

There has been concern raised about the quality of off-the-shelf melatonin supplements that individuals may find online. The melatonin content can differ from the amount indicated on the label.

Roseway Labs can precisely compound melatonin and combine it with other active ingredients, including glycine, adenosine, micronutrients and herbal ingredients.

We offer a range of UK-licensed melatonin brands (Slenyto, Circadin and Colonis).


Nutritional support at Roseway Labs

Roseway Labs is the UK’s market-leading compounding pharmacy. Some of the benefits of our service includes:

  • E-prescribing system: allows you to easily prescribe compounded medications, vitamin and mineral supplements and tests on one prescription

  • Sure supply: we have strong relationships with our suppliers. This lets us source sought-after supplements with restricted supplies

  • Brand development: the team can work with you to develop bespoke compounded supplements with branded labelling 

  • Quality you can trust: Roseway Labs uses a proprietary, end-to-end system ensuring ingredients are traceable throughout

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