Subscription Service

Roseway Labs offers prescribers a convenient and reliable value-based proposition for skin and hair care treatments ensuring your patients receive the personalised treatment they need when they need it.

About prescriber subscription services

Dermatological problems, hair loss and anti-ageing skincare need consistent treatment over a prolonged period. Roseway Labs enables you to personalise treatment plans for your patients and send them repeat orders every month so that your patients won’t miss a dose.

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Personalised treatment delivered monthly

The subscription service is designed for patients using topical formulations to treat hair loss, female and male pattern baldness, as well as skin ageing and other skin problems. This includes acne, eczema, psoriasis and melasma.

Roseway Labs can work with prescribers to create custom treatments using evidence led prescription ingredients and high-quality bases. We can dispense and deliver this personalised skin or hair treatment straight to your patient’s door. Repeat orders can easily be set up for patients so they receive their fresh treatment every month.

We can create branded labelling for your customised formulation to build your clinic or brand identity.

Why choose prescription subscription?

The monthly subscription service offers significant advantages for prescribers and patients:

A reliable supply of medication improves compliance, helping ensure your patient uses the treatment consistently and achieves better results

Fresh treatments: the ingredients in dermatological creams require stabilisers and preservatives to give a long shelf-life. Regular deliveries every 28 days ensure that the formulation is at optimum potency with minimal additional ingredients

Customer loyalty: a subscription service builds your relationship with your patient, increasing their loyalty to your clinic and the prescribed treatment

A subscription helps with forward planning and ordering active ingredients and bases, so your patient can always get the prescribed treatment when needed

At Roseway Labs, we offer a consistent and reliable subscription service to ensure your patients can get the treatment they need, when they need it. 

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