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We can fulfil your prescription needs in several ways. From electronic prescribing to paper prescriptions with a prescribing service if you do not have a prescription; we are on hand to help.

How to order medication

You can order medication by asking your prescriber to use our electronic prescribing system, the first developed solely for private prescribers. Alternatively, we accept paper prescriptions. If you have an overseas prescriber or have a regular, stable prescription, you can use the services of our in-house independent pharmacist prescriber.

Roseway Labs is the UK’s leading source of compounded medication. We also offer a comprehensive range of licensed drugs, unlicensed treatments, supplements and diagnostic kits so that you can access the tests and treatments you need in one place.

We have strong relationships with distributors and suppliers, which helps us source medications that are hard to find or have fluctuating supply levels.

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We offer a paperless, electronic prescribing system that allows your specialist to quickly and easily prescribe compounded medications, pre-packed medications, vitamins and supplements — all on one prescription. 

  • 1 Your prescriber sends an electronic prescription directly to Roseway Labs through our secure online system.
  • 2 You may receive an email asking for payment or you may pay your clinician directly; they will tell you what they prefer
  • 3 We dispense and deliver your medication. We offer a range of delivery options so that you can choose the one that's right for you.

If you have repeats on your prescription, call Roseway Labs or your clinic to request the next order.

Ordering your medication is straightforward. However, our customer service team is always on hand to support you if you have any problems.

Find out more about our e-prescription service.

Paper prescriptions

At Roseway Labs, we dispense medication from paper prescriptions if your clinician prefers to work in this way.

  • 1 Log in to our patient portal and upload your prescription so that we can price it accurately and confirm that we can supply the medication.
  • 2 Receive a quote for your medication, which you may accept or decline.
  • 3 If you accept, pay for the medication from within the portal, where you will be able to select from a choice of delivery options.
  • 4 Post your original prescription, along with your contact details, to us at: Roseway Labs, Zetland House, 5-25 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4HJ.
  • 5 We dispense your medication.

If your order contains compounded medication, it will be made specifically for you in our on-site laboratory.

Find out more about our paper prescriptions service.

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Prescribing service

Our Independent Pharmacist Prescriber, Akila Dungarwalla, is highly experienced and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council with registration number 2063173. You can check her registration here.  She currently works in an NHS GP surgery where she prescribes for a number of regular patients. Her prescribing service offers treatment options for previously diagnosed conditions.

Following a consultation to understand your symptoms, diagnostics, and medical history she will guide you toward the appropriate medication for your needs.

Our pharmacist prescriber is able to prescribe thyroid medication, naltrexone, hair loss preparations, and medications to resolve gut issues and restore general health. For your safety, she will not prescribe opiates, sedatives, laxatives, pregabalin, gabapentin, or other controlled drugs. Neither will she prescribe hormones. We can refer you to specialists if our prescriber is unable to help.

Find out more about our prescribing service here.

At Roseway Labs, we believe ordering medication should be quick and easy. 

Use our trusted prescription services for excellent customer service and fast delivery of the treatments you need, from a leading compounding pharmacy.

Find out how our pharmacy team can help you.

For more information call us on 03330 50 40 30 or get in touch.