Our ePrescribing system

Our ePrescribing system has been developed specifically for prescribers. Our proprietary, paperless, electronic prescribing system allows you to prescribe compounded medications, pre-packed medications, vitamins, supplements and diagnostic kits all on one prescription.

How ePrescribing works

Electronic prescribing is truly paperless. Our system covers the whole process, from you adding your prescription through to us dispensing the items and compounding them if relevant. This means that every item your patient receives is fully traceable back to the manufacturer’s batch number, whether that’s a pre-made medication or a pharmaceutical-grade raw material or a base cream.

You can have profiles for your team members too, so they can view and administrate the orders you have made.


Benefits of ePrescribing

To work well, a system needs to be intuitive and secure.

Easy authentication of prescriptions

Your PIN is personal to your user account and only the PIN of a validated prescriber is able to authorise a prescription.

Secure login

Login details are not visible to Roseway Labs and password and PIN resets are made through a link that goes straight to your email. Repeat unsuccessful attempts to login will result in your account being temporarily locked.

Multiple roles

Team members can view orders you have made; managers can set up orders and purchase non-prescription items; prescribers can do this and additionally authorise prescriptions.

Secure servers

Our hosting company offers strong security protection and we make monthly checks for online threats to our site.

Get started with ePrescribing

Follow these instructions to start using eRoseway.com


Email us to create an account

Email us your clinic name, address, email and phone number along with your regulatory number (e.g. GMC, NMC, GPhC) and we will create your profile


Set up your password and PIN

You will receive an email asking you to create a password (for logging in) and a PIN (for authorising prescriptions).


Log in and create your patients

Log in to eRoseway.com and create or import your patients. All prescriptions start with a patient.


Authorise your prescription and send the order

After authorisation, you will select whether your clinic is paying or you want the patient to receive an email requesting payment. You can choose from a variety of delivery options here too. Now, you complete your order.

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