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Women age at different rates and in different ways. Truly personalised support can restore vitality and quality of life.

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Ageing gracefully is an art and a science. The role of hormones in ageing is no longer a secret and women are strongly recommended to use hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) when medically advised. Bio-identical hormones (also known as BHRT or body-identical hormones) are chemically identical to those hormones that are naturally produced by your body and can be found in many licensed medications as well as in compounded medication.

Roseway Labs works with gynaecologists, private GPs, and menopause specialists to dispense licensed, imported and compounded hormone medications to treat menopausal symptoms and maintain women’s hormonal health.


Personalised hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

We work closely with prescribers to create personalised formulations to balance hormone levels and treat menopause symptoms. We use the latest evidence-led ingredients from trusted suppliers to produce treatments that are precisely tailored to your patients’ needs.

With compounded bio-identical HRT, you can select the base and mode of administration for the treatment. We offer base creams and gels for transdermal application. We also provide pessaries, suppositories, capsules, lozenges, oral drops and rapid-dissolve tablets that all stay safe and stable for six months.

Transdermal and vaginal HRTs are associated with a reduced risk of adverse reactions and complications like venous thromboembolism. Your patient can choose the treatment that best suits their lifestyle and their needs.

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Why choose compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)?

Roseway Labs is a market leader in the formulation of compounded bio-identical HRT.

BHRT can offer advantages to patients and prescribers. When you prescribe compounded HRT medication you can:

  • Compound using bio-identical hormones to restore women’s healthy hormone levels
  • Use bio-equivalent active ingredients to ensure there is no treatment interruption when there are supply chain issues
  • Combine active ingredients so that the patient only needs to remember one medication. We can compound oestrogen and progesterone, to ensure the endometrium is protected and add testosterone to treat low energy and libido levels
  • Alter the dose and formulation to fine-tune hormonal control
  • Specify the mode of administration to suit the patient and minimise adverse reactions
  • Eliminate specific ingredients which can trigger allergies or sensitivities
  • Increase patient compliance with fewer side effects and simpler regimes

First-class ingredients and medications you can trust

Roseway Labs sources the highest-quality ingredients from trusted manufacturers across the globe. We also offer diverse probiotic supplements designed to survive more effectively in the acidic stomach environment.

Some of our most popular active ingredients include:


We are committed to responding to our clients’ prescribing needs. Our specialist pharmacy team will work with you to develop new products and source any innovative ingredients, medications, test kits and supplements you need.

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