Roseway Labs wins at 2020 LUX Awards

LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Roseway Labs wins Best Compounding & Formulations Pharmacy 2020 – UK

Roseway Labs was founded in 2018 by three former colleagues: Elizabeth Philp, Miriam Martinez Callejas, and Gurdip Rehal. Together, the three realised that no other pharmacy at work in the United Kingdom was meeting the needs of the private healthcare community in an integrated and more efficient fashion.

Where previously, many of the nation’s private healthcare communities had to rely on two or three pharmacies, Roseway Labs was created to be a single point of contact that could fulfil a patient’s medication needs in a much more convenient manner. Now firmly established two years on, Roseway Labs is a compounding pharmacy, making medications under the supervision of a pharmacist using the active ingredients as specified by a prescriber. The result is a medication that is personalised for a particular patient’s needs.

Before any new product can be made or developed, the team at Roseway Labs works to develop a formulation, determine the most appropriate base, source raw materials, find packaging, and create a method of manufacturing. There is a great deal of thought and care that goes into creating each bespoke medication for the patient, but the results are nothing short of exceptional.

Over the last two years, Roseway Labs has cultivated such a reputation for success that it now supports private health prescribers across the fields of endocrinology, dermatology, psychiatry, trichology, women’s health, men’s health, functional medicine, and aesthetics.

That level of integration across the many numerous fields of private healthcare has allowed Roseway Labs to also have an integrated offering across licensed As a relatively new business within the world of health, beauty, and wellness, Roseway Labs has done extremely well to become one of the most luxurious, innovative, and successful ventures involved in compounding and formulations.

Meeting the needs of the private healthcare community in ways that no other pharmacy does, we discover the idea, the hard work, and the resulting success that has seen Roseway Labs become one of the most exciting new businesses in health, beauty, and wellness.

The products that the team work tirelessly to create offer a wide range of solutions to an equally wide range of problems, including hair loss, skin conditions, anti-ageing, gut health, and hormonal decline. Roseway Labs also has a pharmacist prescriber for those patients who cannot afford to use the usual channels and methods of obtaining medication. Ultimately, noone else in the industry provides such an integrated service.

Elizabeth and her team have also taken the fight against coronavirus head on. As it continues its spread across the world and as societies react in different ways, Roseway Labs has reacted by sourcing drugs that people need most, by developing a hand sanitiser product, and by making zinc preparations. This adaptability has proven to be one of the most important facets to life at Roseway Labs. As the world continues to learn more about the virus and the impact it may have on future ways of living, that same adaptability will shine through as the firm readies itself to deliver for customers, no matter what. Whatever may come, this team always strives to find a solution to any problems that arise, whether that might include a lot of research, or finding out how to bring products in from overseas.

Whilst compounded medication can currently only be offered by UK-registered prescribers, there is a vast market for these types of products globally, and Roseway Labs will continue to watch the Brexit situation carefully for any advantages it may offer.

The pharmacy itself is always keen to hear from other UK-registered prescribers and discuss how it can help them and their patients. Also, with Elizabeth and Miriam leading the way for female entrepreneurs in pharmaceuticals, Roseway Labs is more than just an extraordinary compounding pharmacy; it is a shining example for entrepreneurs everywhere that they can make a groundbreaking difference to any industry.

Offering personalised medication may have once seemed naught but a fantasy to many, and a luxury to the few who could afford it. However, thanks to the incredible work and efforts of entrepreneurs and visionaries such as Elizabeth, Miriam, and Gurdip, pharmacies such as Roseway Labs can make a real, tangible difference to the lives of so many people. A luxury for the many now readily available, Roseway Labs is an exceptional example of an entrepreneurship, and a pharmacy that exists to serve the people who need it most.